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Betting on Competitive Running

Excelsior Running is the place to find everything about running, like races, longest tracks, including tips to improve your sports betting skills on running.

Everyhting About Competitive Running

Hello everyone and welcome to Excelsior running. In our blog we’ll discuss interesting things regarding competitive running as well as running in general. Like most of you know, Excelsior running is a store that specializes in competitive running equipment. We’ll provide you with the best shoes for your next race, that way you can improve your track results and bring out the best out of you. Excelsior running is located in Excelsior, Minnesota. Another place to get competitive running gear that we recommend is Runners gate. Runners gate are a store that also specializes in competitive running gear as well as other equipment. Runners gate are friendly competition and are also located in Minnesota. In today’s article we’ll have a look at the history of competitive running, we’ll also have a look at the longest race track and have a closer look at the Olympics. After that we’ll have a look at some upcoming competitive running competitions as well as a few tips and tricks if you are interested in betting and sports betting in general. To complete the offer, we’ll go through the best no deposit promo codes that are sourced straight from We’re pretty sure that you’ll love this part of the story. Without further ado, let’s have a look at it!

A Brief History of Competitive Running

Competitive Running

Running is a very healthy activity that a lot of people love to practice. Competitive running is something that catches the eye of a lot of people. Competitive running can be categorized in a lot of disciplines all the way from casual marathons up to serious competition like the Olympics. Earliest records of competitive running come from Ireland. In 1829 B.C. a festival was held in order to commemorate the death of Irish queen and goddess Tailte. The festival included a number of physical and mental competitions which included, play acting, hurling and naturally competitive running.

The most popular running competition in history is by far the Olympic games. There is actually a very interesting story of how the Marathon got its name. Legend has it that Pheidippides ran from Athens to Sparta, covering a distance of nearly 240km. Pheidippides did this in order to request help and warn of a Persian invasion of Marathon. He covered this distance in just two days. It is in his honor that that the Olympic planners decided to force the people with the same run for nearly over a 100 years.

The Longest Race Tracks

Since we are on the subject of the Olympic games, let’s have a look at some of the race tracks in the Olympics. There are a lot of disciplines and race tracks in the Olympics. Starting from the sprints that measure at 100m, 200m and 400m. Next we have the middle-distance running. These include the 800m and the 1500m race. After that we have the long-distance running, these include the 5000m race and the 10000m race.

Next we have the hurdling competition, this includes 100m for women, a 110m for men and a 400m for both. Another popular competition is the relay racing. This includes a team of four competitors racing in a 4x100m and a 4x400m race. Finally we have to include the men’s 3000m steeplechase competition.


10 Tips for Betting on Running

Just like any other type of sports betting, betting on running can be exciting and need a little bit of research before you jump at it. We’ve included a list of 10 tips for sports betting on running, hopefully you’ll learn something new and improve your chances of making some real money in some of these running competitions.
  1. Understand the concept of value and odds – at first these things might be confusing, just keep in mind that there is no such thing as a sure bet and be open to the fact that you’ll learn to spot value as your betting experience grows.
  2. Understand basic math – since betting is a numbers game, it is critical to learn the basics
  3. Understand how the bookmakers make the odds – this is also crucial if you want to have an upper hand and be successful at betting.
  4. Pick a reputable site – this is probably the most important thing and something you will spend a considerable amount of time on. The casino site has published a quick read article that goes over the crucial points you should pay attention to when making your decision.
  5. Keep a cool head – it is important that you don’t get heated in the moment and lose your cool
  6. Don’t bet based on emotions – this is also crucial, because you should always make logical decisions, not emotional ones
  7. Keep things simple – this is the best thing you can do as a beginner, make simple bets and try new ones as your experience grows
  8. Keep track of form – it is important to keep track of the racers form and how they perform in previous competitions
  9. Keep track of coach change – a change in coaching staff can make a big difference in the performance of the racer that is why you should keep a close eye on this
  10. Track and weather conditions – some racer perform better at a certain type of weather conditions
  11. Stick with the favorites – Don’t take too much risks if you are a beginner and keep things as safe as possible

Upcoming Running Competitions

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