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Popular Running Competitions

Who said you gain weight during the holidays? In the world, there are numerous options to make the healthiest trips. Proof of that is the 25 mind-blowing races we are going to propose to you around the world. If you like running or, now that summer is over, you have set out to start running; it’s time to set goals. The races we propose below are some of the best in the world so start planning your next trip to one of the destinations where they run. Put on your sneakers, charge yourself with energy, and pick up some motivating songs like these. Here we go!

  1. The most classic: Athens Marathon

Here it all began. It tells the story that the Philip messenger traveled 40 km to Athens in 490 BC after winning the Battle of Marathon against the Persians to warn of victory. The poor man just had time to exclaim, “” We’ve won! “before he fell and died. His consolation, at least, might be that his feat became eternal, for by him this trial received that name and that distance. The test was recovered in the first Olympics of the modern age, in 1896 and since then it is a classic of sporting and popular competitions from all over the world. So who wouldn’t want to do the original course from the marathon battlefield to the Athens Olympic Stadium?

And one last curiosity: the meters further until you reach the 42,195 km long race was added in the London Olympics of 1908, as that is the distance that separates the Windsor castle to the stadium at White City, so they are included so that the royal family could give the exit from the castle and witness the arrival from the royal box of the stadium.

  1. The friendliest: Hood to Coast Relay

If you like a relay and your friends, you are in luck. This is the busiest relay race in the world, with a distance of 317 km from Mount Hood, Oregon’s highest peak to Pacific City. The departure takes place at 6:30 in the morning, and the race lasts until the night, being the tour during the spectacular day. The competition consists of 36 sections, and the idea is to make teams of up to 12 people who will be relieved. Each equipment can carry a maximum of two vehicles and must take its food and water, as there are no Victualling points. It sounds like fun, right?

  1. We all want to run: New York Marathon

This is one of the most important and massive races in the world. More than 40,000 people each year get one of the coveted places that are awarded by lottery among more than 120,000 registrations. The reason for so much success? Live musicians, stage of several World Records, solidarity proposals and… in New York, of course, ¡NEW YORK!

  1. The most magical Marathon of Walt Disney World

If you’ve grown up dreaming about Disney movies or looking for a trip that brings fun for kids and sports, this is your career. It is a tour of the Disney World Park where there is no shortage of fireworks, the characters of the factory encouraging the runners or live music. An experience to which the camera must no doubt take and in which its participants enjoy as children. The medal they give to the runner who crosses the finish line, of course, has Mickey Mouse ears.

  1. The more festive: San Silvestre Valenciana

On December 31, to bid farewell well to the year, the San Silvestre famous race is celebrated in many cities of the world, a competition that combines sports spirit, fun, and a good sport. One of the most important in the world (and the most important in Spain) is the San Silvestre Valenciana, a race held in Madrid that hosts every year thousands of attendees, some in disguise, to bid farewell to the year full of energy and vitality enjoying some of the most emblematic streets of Madrid without cars and with Christmas lights. After that, New Year’s Eve dinner will taste much better, assured.

  1. The most staggered: a marathon of the Great Wall of China

5164 steps. That’s what you’d be up against if you ran this race along one of the most common places on the planet. A hard marathon where you have to climb so many stairs that many do it on all fours, literally. Also, the heat does not cease; the average temperature being between 30º and 40º. The landscapes and the views, of course, are unique.

  1. The dirtiest: Mud Run

Mud fights are a reality in Glenworth Valley, Australia. At least in the struggle to reach the goal. There is a curious 10 km race in which several runners have to cross grass areas, cross a stream whose flow can reach the meter of height and, also, a mudslide of 20 meters just before the finish so that they arrive entirely muddy. At least it sounds fun.

  1. The most successful: Berlin Marathon

The marathon that Blanca Suárez faces in the film losing the North is the most popular in all of Germany. It is, of course, the Berlin Marathon, a race that until not too long ago could not run throughout the city because of the wall that divided it and which is now, instead, one of the most awaited by thousands of runners who want to establish their brand there. The route of this race and its average temperature (between 15 and 20 degrees) are so optimal that six World Records have been set here since 1998. A great way to improve yourself.

  1. The oldest: Boston Marathon

It is the oldest marathon in the world, whose creators were inspired by the 1896 Athens Games test. Since then, this race, which takes place on the third Monday of April, attracts runners from all over the world, many of them professionals, as juicy cash prizes are distributed to the winners. Sadly, this race was reported in 2013 after an attack took place 200 meters from the finish line, killing three people and injuring nearly 200.

  1. The most Christmas: Great Santa Dash

It may be too extravagant, but it’s for a good cause. This race takes place in different cities of the world, is quite short (5 km) and takes place in December, as the only condition is. Go dressed like Santa Claus! The most crowded race is in the UK, where 500 noels parents go out to run to raise money for charitable foundations. And you, would you be willing to participate?